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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I ask a question?
    Just click the "Ask" icon on the top navigation bar and type in your specific question in the question field. You can choose to further details related to the query as well as a photo to enhance the question.

  • How do I create a poll of my own?
    Click on the "Ask" icon and then select the Poll answer type. Within the answer choices, you can choose to include photos to attract more responses.

  • Can I change which Categories to follow?
    Yes, absolutely. From the sidebar, mouse over the categories you want to follow – a plus sign will appear. Click on the sign to follow. To unfollow a category, just click on the minus sign (on mouse-over).

  • What are Owlie Points?
    Owlie Points are the special currency that is rewarded to members for being active participant in the community.  It’s our way of saying “Thanks for sharing your wisdom with other moms!”  There are lots of ways to earn Owlie Points – the list below outlines the activities:

    • Complete your member profile (20 pts)
    • Invite a friend (1 pt)
    • Friend joins MomsCorner (10 pts)
    • Answer a question (5 pts)
    • Your answer gets up-voted (5 pts)
    • Gain a follower (5 pts)

  • What can I redeem for Owlie Points?
    We are glad you asked!  Our team is working on creating fun virtual prizes that will be redeemable for Owlie Points.  Stay tuned! 

  • What does the Level Number mean?
    As members collect more points, they will move up in level.  As members level up, they will be able to access additional perks, benefits and special prizes.  Stay tuned, we will have more on this for you in the coming weeks!

  • What is the bar underneath Owlie Points?
     This is the Progress Bar, which shows members how much further they need to go in order to reach the next level.

  • How can I ensure that only my “followers” can see my profile details? 
    Tap your profile image on the top right of the green navigation menu.  Select “Profile Setting” (located along left side of screen).  Select and activate the “Follower” button for each profile category you would like to limit to your “followers” only. 

  • How can I see who I am following and who is following me? 
    Tap your profile image located on the top right of the green navigation menu.  Select “Followers” or “Following” (located on the left side of the screen below your profile image).

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